May 20, 2022
Road Rage, A Mental Health Issue?

At some point in a driver's life, it is inventible they will experience the wrath of an angry and aggressive...

May 12, 2022
Mental Health Benefits of Quitting Tobacco Products

Smoking, Vaping, Chewing Tobacco- We all know that none of it is good for our health. In fact, they're all...

May 5, 2022
Spring Depression? Is that a real thing?

Ahhh yes...spring. That wonderful time of year when the days get longer, the weather gets warmer, and for some of...

April 26, 2022
Does Chewing Gum Relieve Anxiety?

Chewing, chomping, munching, and crunching, all have one thing in common- they are forms of masticating, and they are often...

April 20, 2022
Low Carb, Low Mood?

At this point, it's likely that you or someone you know has tried a low-carb diet. Whether it's the Atkins...

April 13, 2022
Mental Health Benefits of Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Ahhhh. That wonderful feeling we have after getting a good night's rest. We wake up feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready...

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