January 14, 2022
The Mental Health Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles

Sometimes being indoors during the winter months can be a little isolating. Though watching movies and tv shows can be...

January 6, 2022
New Year, New You

Every year millions of people embark on living their best life, with the help of a New Year's Resolution. The...

December 16, 2021
Sugar and Anxiety

We all love yummy, tasty, oh-so-delicious, sugar. But do you know who else loves sugar- Anxiety. According to registered dietician...

December 10, 2021
Managing Social Anxiety During The Holidays

The holiday season can be a wonderful time of year. Filled with food, family, presents, and fun. But if you're...

December 3, 2021
Aromatherapy: The Scent of Well-Being

Have you ever experienced the warm smell of fresh-baked cookies, or an apple pie right out of the oven? Have...

November 25, 2021
Thanksgiving Turkey, Something to be Thankful For

Ah, Thanksgiving. A time for food, family, fun, and a nice long post-turkey dinner nap...because turkey makes you sleepy. But...

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