Addiction is described by excessive utilization of a substance (e.g. liquor, cocaine) or engagement in an activity (e.g. betting, devices, sex) to the degree that it starts to affect one’s wellbeing, obligations, and connections.

Addiction is a complex condition, with many forms of treatment. Including treatment facilities, twelve-step meetings, therapy, group therapy, and psychiatry.

Here at our practice, we treat addiction with primary care and therapy. However, we do screen our patients for underlying causes and conditions, such as a mental health disorder.

Medications are sometimes used to control drug cravings, relieve symptoms of withdrawal, and prevent relapses. Medications can also be used to help treat underlying mental health issues.

We work to help individuals better understand their addiction, behavior, and motivations. While helping them develop higher self-esteem, cope with stress, and address other psychiatric problems.

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